Driving School near copenhagen

When you choose 2xA Driving School, you choose a driving school that prioritises quality, personal instruction, and high customer satisfaction. We have many years of experience in the industry and have helped countless students get their driving licenses. With a fixed group of a maximum of 6 students, we ensure that each individual student receives the attention and support they need.

About the course

Our 8-week mandatory course provides a solid basic knowledge of traffic rules and safe driving. The course includes both theory and practical driving, both of which are crucial to pass the driving test. The theory classes are held once a week on a fixed day, and with our focused and intensive training, we ensure that you are fully prepared for the theory test.

About the driving school

2xA Driving School is run by Armin. He lives in Glostrup and has many years of experience in the industry. His goal has always been to run a small driving school where students feel safe and get the quality they pay for. Armin is committed and passionate about his teaching and constantly strives to provide the best experience for his students. In addition to being a skilled driving instructor, Armin is a nice family father who, in his spare time, plays volleyball in Glostrup.

At 2xA Driving School, it is exclusively Armin who manages the lessons. This, among other things, means that students get the full benefit of Armin’s many years of experience and expertise.


2xA Driving School is conveniently located in Albertslund. The school is easy to reach by public transport, and our location allows us access to a wide range of traffic situations. If you are looking for a driving school near Vallensbæk that combines quality instruction with a personal approach, then you are very welcome to contact 2xA Driving School at +45 40 50 62 10.

The main package


29 theory lessons


16 practical lessons


4 maneuvering course lessons


4 lessons at driving technical facility